Under the Shining Sky

In your embrace,
I find the world
Staring back at us.
Should I say, through us?
‘Cause we are invisible.
We are within one another
Showing each other the world
The world that resides within us.

Every rise and fall of your breath is like waves that hit the shore and go back. I know they’d come back and enchant me like they did the first instance.

As you trace the skin over my body, I feel the passion that engulfs you. You immerse yourself in me like I were the mountains and deserts you traversed.

All through, I look into your eyes. They reflect back the extraneous treks you have taken to scale the tallest of the mountains. In them, I see the waterfalls, pouring itself into the abyss. The abyss within your eyes show me the pristine water that is home to hundreds of little lives. The memories we had created years ago lay there untouched but preserved.

And now, this moment, we lay on a bed of grass creating memories under the shining sky, rekindling the burning spirit that keep us going strong. This moment will stay, like million others, each unique in its way.

Musings of a Traveler
And beyond mountains and rivers lies my heart immersed within you…
Photo Credits: Ajinkya Bhonde

Follow his work on Instagram (@xtermist). This person is a lovely photographer and an even more amazing friend. 🙂  


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