On a cloudy December morning, I stood by the sea. Wind gushing onto my face, waves rushing into my feet. A thousand thoughts ran across my mind in a moment, but the next moment, there was silence. I was unbound, like the waves. I was the sea, I was the wind. I was time. I … Continue reading Unbound

Losing Your Home

The heart fluttered hard, felt wrung out of life, Shattered of the shield, Homeless. Roof above changed, Roof within clamoured without support. Housed, yet homeless. Love gushed, without a receiver. Concern remained, never acknowledged. Care needed, but ignored. Sacrifices forgotten, Promises broken, Trust lost. At 20 and at 70, life didn't change much. The perspective … Continue reading Losing Your Home


No boundary will ever stop me from loving you, No sea will hold me back. Thunder and lightening may deter you, But I will still come to you. I will not revive the past. But I want to begin afresh. Let old memories remain locked Let us create new ones. Hope, like the sun, will … Continue reading Paradise